Editing Services Available

1) Proofreading: Check spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and typos. Fee $1.50 per page of manuscript*.
2) Copy Editing: Check grammar and syntax, proper word usage, verb tense, etc. Fee $2.50 per page of manuscript*.
3) Full Content Editing: Check consistency throughout piece, point of view, narration, plot, setting, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Includes a detailed response letter indicating strengths and addressing needed improvements. Fee $4.50 per page of manuscript*.
4) Not sure what you need? Request a Manuscript Evaluation. 25 pages* for $25!
5) Minimum project fee $20.00

Note: Additional Fees apply to Rush Orders.

*Note: 250 words = one manuscript page.

Jodi Whisenhunt retains the right to refuse material that contains explicit sexual content, gore, or horror.


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This sums it up ;)

This sums it up ;)