Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ever feel like this guy? I have...many times...recently. Maybe the stormy Texas weather was clouding my brain, but every time I sat down to type today, nothing came to mind. So I ran errands, went to a doctor appointment, did laundry, all those things I normally do when I'm intentionally avoiding rewrites. (You know, when you do things that are much more fun, like cleaning toilets and taking out the garbage.)

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, and changes in the weather can sometimes trigger a flare. Apparently, spikes and plummets in barometric pressure can also aggravate old phobias, especially the fear of facing the blank computer screen. Insecurity and self-abasement sometimes accompany this affliction, but don't worry! These can easily be overcome.

Look up Choose a topic that ignites your creativity. Set a timer for 15 minutes, sit down at the keyboard, and write till the thunder booms, I mean, till the buzzer dings. Don't take time to correct grammar or perfect punctuation. Just roll with whatever pours from your imagination. When time's up, sit back and take a deep breath.

Hey, what's that? Huh! The sun's piercing through the clouds!


Susan Marlow . . . said...

I feel like that guy a lot. My brain is clouded quite often. And I stall a lot. I should be working on my edits but I"m blogging and playing (see e-mail I just sent you).

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This sums it up ;)

This sums it up ;)