Monday, December 21, 2009

Once Upon a Midnight Clear

Once upon a midnight clear, Village Jester came out to cheer. “Hip hip hooray!” was his chant and all who heard came to join in the rant. He whooped and he called and he jumped about ‘til his hat it flew off and then went kersplat. A puddle as big as Superior be. He dove right in with giggles and glee. Townsmen frowned; their wives harrumphed. Their kids snicker doodled, their bedtimes trumped. Above flew a fowl who dropped “gifts” aloft. Village Jester smirked, thanked it, and took off.

For who should observe but a Round Little Elf with ears slightly pointed and chin like a shelf. He rolled down the street, bellowed, “Hullaboo,” rubbed his nose with a kerchief and sneezed, “A-a-choo!” A fright to the townsmen, Round Elf he did give. They shuffled their wives and their children inside. One imp turned around and to him gave a wink. Round Elf he did certain not know what to think. He stood, made a wish, then flashed a big grin, kicked up his heels and twirled shenanigans.

Be it Christmas Eve, the people all clamored. “Let’s get us some shuteye not dance,” they demanded. But children aroused from their beds Christmas Eve do not quickly return to dream happily. Visions of sugarplums dashed by disruption. No rest will suffice. “We want gifts!” sprang eruption. So out to the tree in the square they did go. Village Jester and Round Elf trounced through the snow. Glistening boughs sprinkled twinkles and sleigh bells did jingle while laughter and merriment funny bones tingled.

What fun had they all! ‘Twas a grand frolic squall. Each bid a farewell, heeded reverie’s call. Afar in the night, one lone star pierced the sky, bidding dreamers, “Tata!” and a sweet lullaby.

This is what happened when, after years of being stifled, my fiction muse was let loose! I sat at the keyboard one evening to get creative gears cranking. After an hour, I’d written one paragraph. Giving up, I closed out that document and was about to shut down the computer when line 1 above popped into my head. I thought, “That’s cute. Wonder where it will go.” So I started typing and this “Dr. Seuss Meets ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” poem appeared. Sometimes I just never know where my writing will go, but it sure is fun to follow!

I hope each and every one of you has a blessed Christmas, rejoicing in celebration of our Savior’s birth. And to my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukah!


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This sums it up ;)

This sums it up ;)